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How Often Do You Need Vacation Rental Cleaning in Littleton, CO?
April 22, 2021 at 12:00 AM
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Guests expect to find your vacation rental feeling new and perfectly refreshed just for them. Your reviews depend on it, and you now know that good reviews drive more bookings.

Figuring out how often you need to hire cleaning services can easily turn into a challenge, though.

If you hire the service too many times, it can feel like you’re being overcautious and wasting money. But, worse, hire them too little, and guests will rate their stay poorly, and publicly.

So, how often do you need vacation rental cleaning in Littleton, CO to keep guests satisfied and stay fully booked? Let Home Cleanology show you.

Buildup of dust

Even during periods when your vacation rental is unoccupied, dust is going to gather. It’s just a natural consequence of how furniture and fixtures degrade, and another likely source can be otherwise harmless and very narrow openings around windows and doors.

But, at a minimum, you’ll need vacation cleaning rental in Littleton, CO once a month. Vacuuming is necessary to get rid of all the dust. The addition of dusting and mopping simply helps the place to feel fresh.

Just remember that even if you haven’t had a booking in a while, vacation rental cleaning in Littleton, CO is still very much necessary.

Need for frequent disinfection

Now more than ever, everyone knows the value of sanitization. At the very minimum of acceptable cleaning standards today, you need to have your vacation rental sanitized before and after each stay.

It seems for a long time to come, you’ll also need to use COVID-approved disinfectants such as Lysol Clean & Fresh. At Home Cleanology, our own disinfectant cleaner is currently under review by the EPA and the CDC. It’s a further step in our commitment to using all-natural cleaning products to keep our customers’ homes healthy and sparkling clean.

So, there’s no set frequency for when your vacation rental should be sanitized. During months when you have more guests, you’ll need to disinfect more. Lower sanitization sessions are acceptable if the guest count is low.

Still, having your vacation rental sanitized at least monthly is a cautious and wise choice.

Adhering to platform-specific guidelines

It’s a fair guess that you’re promoting your vacation rental and booking guests through an online marketplace, most likely Airbnb.

Whichever platform you’re using, it probably has its own guidelines and rules that you need to comply with. For example, Airbnb has its 5-step enhanced cleaning process.

And these are guidelines you need to follow to the letter. In most cases, your cleaning standards falling below them leads to automatic suspension of your listing.

Airbnb recommends at least a weekly cleaning session if the guest is staying for one to three weeks. Anything more than that and guests are expected to do their own cleaning.

But, as the person with an investment in the property, the cleaning always falls to you in the end. So you’ll still need to send a vacation cleaning rental service in Littleton, CO to your property at least once a week.

Consider doing this to enhance the guest experience as well, since an elevated level of service makes your vacation rental more popular. And greater popularity and quality of each stay enable higher pricing.

Keep guests satisfied and your investment profitable with vacation rental cleaning in Littleton, CO

Nothing makes an impression on guests like how clean and fresh your vacation rental is. Whatever else is great about your rental — the location, the amenities, the view — it's all easily overshadowed by the cleanliness.

End your cleaning worries with the finest, most detail-oriented vacation rental cleaning service in Littleton, CO. Home Cleanology is Littleton’s premier cleaning service. Contact us today to provide a safer and more pleasant guest experience.