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Meet Home Cleanology, Luxury Home Cleaning in Littleton, Co.
August 12, 2020 at 4:00 AM
This is a photo of cleaner for home cleaning services in Littleton, Co.

We are a company that proudly provides home cleaning services in Littleton, CO! Our specialty is cleaning luxury homes, and whether you need regularly scheduled maintenance cleaning or a one-time top to bottom clean, we are here for you. Luxury homes require a special touch and we’ve dedicated ourselves to ensuring our staff, cleaning protocols, and cleaning agents and tools are up to the highest standards of service. From one-bedroom condos to sprawling estates, your luxury home in Littleton, CO is our priority. Find out more about us and the services we offer below.

Our Staff

Our cleaning staff is trained and knowledgeable on how to clean all surfaces, including wood, stone, ceramics, glass, and more. All our cleaning professionals speak English, are responsive to your questions and concerns, and communicate clearly. We are pet friendly and our staff will work with you to ensure your pet is safe during the cleaning process. We care for your home as if it’s our own and ensure it’s cleaned with care and precision.

General Cleaning

If your luxury home needs a regular and scheduled cleaning, Cleanology will be there to make sure it’s pristine and spotless. We are also happy to do one-time jobs and clean your house top to bottom, leaving is sparkling fresh.

Linen and Towel Services

Is there a better feeling than laying down on crisp, clean sheets? We know how to launder and care for linen, silk, and cotton sheets to ensure longevity. With a quick turnaround, you won’t have to worry whether your luxury home will have clean sheets or not. Cleanology staff are experts that work quickly and efficiently to make sure your linens and towels have that freshly laundered smell and feel. When you entrust us with your linens, you can be sure they are in good hands.

Organization Services

Kitchen drawers looking a little disorganized? Having trouble finding what you need in your closet? Our professional organization service can help you declutter and arrange every room of the house. Take control of your space by letting us tidy your home. We will work with you and your preferences to ensure your home is organized just the way you want it. Whether it’s unpacking before or after a move or organizing a garage, Cleanology organizing experts are up for the job.

Why Choose Us?

We use all-natural products such as distilled white vinegar and baking soda for a healthier way to clean your home. During Covid-19, we have been using Lysol Clean & Fresh as per the recommendations of health experts. We also just passed the Covid-19 & Cleaning for Infectious Disease Prevention course through the American House Cleaners Association.

Each house is special, and we create a personalized plan that comes with a custom job description that we will discuss upon sign up. We are clear and up-front about what will be done in your home - there are no hidden steps or processes, so you know exactly what takes place and when. Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of every home we clean, so whether you are looking for a regular service or not sure what your home needs, get in touch with us for a quote.