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Get your home holiday ready with a house cleaning company in Littleton
November 23, 2020 at 5:00 AM
This is a picture of a kitchen cleaned by a house cleaning company in Littleton.

There’s just something magical about the holidays. From the decorations to the food to the time spent with loved ones, the holiday season is a favorite time of year for many. Even if you’re not hosting a large gathering, it’s nice to celebrate the holidays in a clean, festive home. Here’s how you can get your home holiday ready with the help of a cleaning company.

Prepare for cooking

The food is arguably one of the best parts of the holiday season. Whether you go for a classic menu or something less traditional, the meals taste great and provide an opportunity for loved ones to enjoy each other’s company. Before you bring out the cookbooks, it’s important to make sure your kitchen surfaces are nice and clean so nothing ends up in the food that shouldn’t be there. A house cleaning company in Littleton, such as Home Cleanology, will clean and sanitize your kitchen counters, tables and other important surfaces to make sure they’re ready for potential contact with food.

Set the table

A great way to enliven your home with holiday flair is to decorate the kitchen or dining room table. A festive look can be achieved with holiday plates, napkins, table runners, centerpieces and more. There’s something about eating your favorite food off of festive dishes that makes the event seem extra special. Before setting out the nice plates and cutlery, make sure they’re ready to be used. No one wants to pick up their fork and find stuck-on food. The cleaning experts at Home Cleanology will handle your dishwashing and make sure your dishes and silverware are nice and clean.

Decorate the mantle

Decorating the mantle is another great way to get your home ready for the holidays. The mantle, shelves on the wall, and other display areas are perfect places to show off your favorite holiday decor. Before you set out your garland, figurines, or other items, it’s important to make sure the mantle and similar surfaces are nice and clean. A house cleaning company in Littleton, such as Home Cleanology, will handle the dusting of your home so surfaces are clean before you start decorating them. This will help keep your decorations in quality condition, as well as make the overall presentation look much nicer.

Add a festive scent

What’s your favorite holiday scent? Warm cookies? Cinnamon and spice? Fresh spruce? Whatever your go-to is, adding a festive scent is a fun way to make your home feel ready for the holidays. What you don’t want to smell is the scent of harsh cleaning chemicals. That’s why at Home Cleanology, our team uses all-natural, non-toxic cleaning materials that are effective without leaving behind dangerous substances or noxious fumes. Our cleaning materials are also safe to use around kids and pets. Please note that due to COVID-19, we are using Lysol Clean & Fresh while the CDC and EPA review our disinfectant cleaner. You’ll feel confident that your home is clean from top to bottom, without having to deal with chemical smells that overpower your favorite holiday candles, plug-ins or diffusers.

Make your home feel fresh and clean

Having your home cleaned can help make your space feel calm and relaxing. We’ll help you achieve this by taking care of cleaning tasks such as vacuuming the floors, cleaning the windows, disinfecting high-touch surfaces, and more. We’re dedicated to making your home feel luxurious and ready for the holiday season.

About Home Cleanology

Home Cleanology is a house cleaning company in Littleton, CO serving Littleton, Highlands Ranch, and select South Denver communities. We’re dedicated to making your luxury home or business spotless so you can enjoy a fresh, clean space. Click here to get a free quote.